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By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
June 19, 2018
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If your back pain has begun having an effect on your simple daily tasks like sitting and standing comfortably, it may be time to consult with back painyour doctor to investigate your treatment options. Treating your back pain can vary from simple lifestyle changes to surgery depending on your situation. However, with help from your chiropractor, you can find the best course of treatment for you and your body. Find out more about chiropractic treatments for back pain with Dr. Andrew Winger and Dr. Frank Rossi at Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA.

What is chiropractic? 
Chiropractors focus on using a hands-on approach to provide a drug-free answer to treating issues associated with the neuromuscular system and spine. Chiropractic often works with traditional medicine to help get you back on your feet. Chiropractors treat the joints and the soft tissues which surround them, performing manual adjustments to align the spinal column and therapies relating to the soft tissues.

Can chiropractic treatment help my back pain? 
Chiropractic has proven to be successful in treating back pain. By aligning the bones in the spine, it takes pressure off of the sensitive neurological tissues around them, helping relieve pain and increase the joints' range of motion and functionality. Many patients return to their chiropractor every few months or weeks for maintenance adjustments to keep up with their results.

What can I expect from an appointment with my chiropractor? 
Your chiropractor will perform an examination and ask about your medical, family, and lifestyle history. The examination allows your chiropractor to determine your areas of concern and where they should focus during their treatment. During your treatment, your doctor will ask you to lie on an examination table. They will then begin your adjustment, a procedure famous for “cracking” the back. However, the cracking noises you may hear are simply trapped gases escaping from between the joints, not your bones themselves. This is totally normal and no cause for concern.

Chiropractic Back Pain Treatments in Federal Way, WA 
If your back pain affects you daily or causes you severe pain, it is time to get the help you need. Your chiropractor can help you determine the best course of treatment for you. For more information on treating your back pain with chiropractic care, please contact Dr. Andrew Winger and Dr. Frank Rossi at Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA. Call (253) 941-6977 to schedule your appointment for an adjustment with your chiropractor today!

By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
January 17, 2017
Category: Back Pain
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An aching back can make you miserable and interfere with your ability to walk, run, sit and bend easily. Dr. Andrew Winger and Dr. Frank Rossi, your Federal Way, WA chiropractors, explain how chiropractic treatment can help relieve your painful back pain symptoms.

Back pain doesn't have to disrupt your life

Back pain can occur as a result of an accident or fall, or it can be a result of simply living your life. If you spend hours hunched over a computer every day, sooner or later, your back will be affected by your poor posture. Back pain can also be a problem if you develop degenerative disc disease as you age. Luckily, no matter what the cause of your problem, chiropractic treatment can reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

Finding the source of your problem

It's difficult to treat a problem effectively if you don't know the source. Your visit will start with a comprehensive examination and X-rays, in many cases. Your Federal Way chiropractor will ask you questions about your symptoms and want to know about issues that could cause or aggravate your back pain, such as your occupation and hobbies and sports you enjoy.

Chiropractic treatment offers many benefits

When your spine is out of alignment, your entire body suffers. A misalignment can cause muscle stiffness and imbalances that increase pain and make it harder to move your joints. Realigning your joints with spinal manipulation not only reduces your pain, but also improves range of motion and promotes healing. Manipulations may be performed manually or with a handheld device.

Although spinal manipulation is an important part of chiropractic care, it's not the only treatment your chiropractor offers. Depending on the source of your back pain, we may also offer:

  • Extremity Manipulation
  • Massage Therapy
  • Applications of Ice or Heat
  • Exercise and Dietary Recommendations

We may offer suggestions that can decrease your pain, such as switching to an ergonomic office chair or using proper lifting techniques.

There's no reason to live with back pain when chiropractic treatment offers a natural, non-invasive way to relieve your symptoms. Call Dr. Winger and Dr. Rossi, your Federal Way, WA chiropractors, at (253) 941-6977 to schedule an appointment.

By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
December 01, 2015
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Be able to spot fact from fiction when it comes to getting chiropractic care.

Maybe you don’t know much about chiropractors but you’ve heard friends and family tout the benefits of going to theirs. ChiroPerhaps you’ve wondered if Federal Way chiropractors Dr. Andrew Winger and Dr. Frank Rossi could effectively treat your aches and pains and help you live a pain-free life.

Before you listen to anymore outside information it’s important that you are able to spot the popular myths surrounding chiropractic care so you can make a more informed decision about your health.

Myth #1: Chiropractors aren’t doctors

Did you know that chiropractors actually earn a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from their college? The curriculum that chiropractors go through is almost the same as those who go through medical school. Plus, chiropractors tend to have more hours of classroom education than other medical professionals.

Just like a medical doctor your chiropractor in Federal Way has gone through extensive testing and licensing to offer you the best and safest chiropractor services possible. The main difference between chiropractors and medical doctors has very little to do with their education and more to do with how they prefer to care for patients.

Myth #2: You have to go to a chiropractor for the rest of your life

When patients come into our Federal Way chiropractic office they are usually coming in for a very specific problem. We will sit down and create a treatment plan to help target their issues and alleviate their symptoms. Once the problem has been fixed and symptoms go away your chiropractic treatment is over.

However, some patients do come in for chronic issues and therefore will continue to come in for flare-ups to reduce their symptoms. It’s your health, so you ultimately choose when and how often you want to come in for care.

Myth #3: Chiropractic care is only used for back pain

While back pain sufferers can certainly find relief from chiropractic techniques there are so many other issues that can benefit, too. Your chiropractic specialist in Federal Way, WA is trained to work with all the joints in your body. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and knee ligament injuries can all benefit from chiropractic care.

Myth #4: Chiropractic adjustments are painful!

Spinal adjustments should not hurt at all. On the contrary, our patients often experience relief right after. We take pride in offering comfortable chiropractic services tailored to each patient’s needs and sensitivities. We believe an adjustment should never hurt!

Ready to find out how chiropractic care can help you? Then call Redondo Family Chiropractic to schedule your next visit.

April 30, 2015
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Many Americans today suffer from debilitating back problems that started with simple soreness and poor posture. Unfortunately, rather than correcting their posture with easy, effective chiropractic care options, they allow their back pains to grow worse and Back Painworse until they throw out their back!

But even if you're one of those people who have yet to discover lasting back relief after years of dysfunctional posture, it's never too late to begin strengthening your back and your other core muscles with specific chiropractic-approved routines. After all, it's in your central core muscles where the most bodily activity happens; whether it's bending over to lift something or jumping up to grab a rebound, our core muscles are involved with just about every movement we do.

Check out some simple tips for improving your posture and strengthening your core from Redondo Family Chiropractic Federal Way, WA:

When lifting something, don't bend from your waist when standing upright. This can put extra stress on your back muscles, which raises your risk of throwing out your back later on. Instead, keep your back straight and crouch down so you're closer to eye level with the thing you're going to carry. This puts the stress on muscles like your arms and shoulders, which aren't used nearly as often as your back muscles and so can handle the stress when you lift.

Engage in exercises that strengthen your core. Specifically, abdominal and lower back exercises help improve both strength and mobility in your core muscles. Try doing workouts that involve flexing, extending, or rotating your spine in slow, controlled motions, like yoga and pilates.

Stretch early and often. Remembering to stretch before every workout-- or even on days absent of workouts - helps to release any pockets of stress or stiffness in your body that can have a direct impact on the way you carry yourself, both regarding your general posture and your demeanor. Stretching your core muscles often helps ensure that your posture is freed up from any bad habits you might be unknowingly falling into.

For more information about why having better posture can help save your back from future pains, give Andrew Winger, D.C., at Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc. in Federal Way, WA a call today at (253) 941-6977.

By Redondo Family Chiropractic
April 21, 2014
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Improper lifting techniques are responsible for a large percentage of back injuries that can cause a large range ofback pain symptoms from low back pain, thigh pain, numbness and tingling and a burning sensation or pain down the foot.  It can also cause neck pain, shoulder and arm pain.  Before you bend to pick up an object, it is important to think and use proper lifting techniques to help prevent injury and back pain in Federal Way.  Using incorrect lifting techniques can cause injury resulting in sudden and severe pain, which can almost always be prevented if proper lifting techniques are used. 
Common Injuries Explained by Our Chiropractor in Federal Way, WA
As stated by our chiropractor in Federal Way, back pain and injuries from improper lifting techniques typically lead to three kinds of injuries to the muscles, vertebral discs, and joints.  Some injuries from incorrect lifting include:
  • Disc injury
  • Joint injury
  • Muscle injury
With improper lifting, you may experience a tear, rupture, or shift out of position of the soft cushions between your vertebrae, called discs.  If this injury does occur, the fibrous rings surrounding the soft leathery discs can bulge and even rupture.  This can cause the dislocated or ruptured disc to press against a nerve, causing pain and numbness to radiate down into you buttocks or leg. 
Because of the numerous joints in your spinal column that connect all of the various bony structures, injury may occur.  A joint injury can be caused by a bad lift because it causes excessive strain on your joints, irritating tissue within them, and in some cases, locking them up.  As well, if you change position during a lift, you can place a lot of stress on your lower back muscles.  This added stress can easily strain and injure your back, usually in the form of a small twist or tear of a single muscle or group of muscles.
Lifting Techniques and Tips from Our Federal Way, WA Chiropractor
An important rule to remember when lifting is to never bend from your waist and then stand upright to lift an item from the ground.  Keep your back straight and crouch first by bending at the knees or hips.  This all depends on where the item is that you are lifting and allows your arms and shoulder muscles to do the brunt of the lifting, rather than your back.  Some simple lifting techniques include:
  • Make sure you have a place to put the object you are lifting.
  • If you need to turn while lifting the object, use your feet to pivot, not your back.
  • Your leg muscles should be the ones providing the power during your motion to stand erect, not your back.
  • Keep the object close to your body in order to maximize the use of your arms and shoulder muscles. 
  • Keep your chest forward and bend at your hips, or knees, not your lower back. 
  • When lifting, push your chest out, pointing forward.  Avoid twisting or turning during your lift as this will cause injury.
  • Lead with your hips, not your shoulders and keep your shoulders in line with your hips.
  • Don’t lift any objects that are obviously too heavy. 
Contact our chiropractor in Federal Way for further information on proper lifting techniques to avoid injury to your back or any other part of your body.  Poor technique can cause both acute injury, and serious chronic effects, so start lifting properly today.

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