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By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
December 30, 2020
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You've heard the comparison before, a car colliding at 30 miles per hour is as if it were dropped from a three-story building. Even if you're wearing a seatbelt in an automobile with all its safety measures, just imagine the impact that this kind of crash has on a human body, its skeletal connections, and its soft tissue.

If you've been in an accident you don't have strain your imagination, you probably feel it, even after leaving the hospital, if your injury was severe enough. Consider contacting your Federal Way, WA, chiropractor Dr. Andrew Winger of Redondo Family Chiropractic to learn more about the ways to treat your auto injury.

Common Complications
The fast and forceful movement of your head during an accident as the vehicle's movement suddenly stops is a very common reason for neck injuries. Whiplash is the typical name for this type of injury and occurs most often from rear-end collisions.

Back problems are also likely to arise, sometimes long after an accident. This happens for the same reason as a neck injury, the speed of the back and forth movements can greatly impact the disks in your spine. You may experience severe bruising immediately after an accident but after these vanish it doesn't mean the underlying muscles will have completely healed as well. Just as with back pain, muscle aches, and stiffness can recur a while after the collision.

Auto Injury Treatment in Federal Way, WA
The good news is that your chiropractor can help you manage your pain as well as help treat problems with your spine and soft tissue. This is done through spinal manipulation, massage, and physical therapy. But your individual treatment will depend on your specific ailments, your health history, and current condition. Don't endure the pain any longer or dull it with painkillers, make your appointment today with Dr. Winger of Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA, by dialing (253) 941-6977.

By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
November 25, 2020
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Ongoing back pain can be a nuisance, especially when you can’t seem to get relief, no matter what you try. At Redondo Family Chiropractic, in Federal Way, WA, Dr. Andrew Winger can help you relax back muscles and get back into your schedule -- pain-free. Let’s examine some ways that you can alleviate back pain at home.

Correct your posture.

Hunching over a keyboard, carrying heavy purses and bags, and not walking with a straight, relaxed spine can spell back pain for most people. If you work at a desk, your back may be straining in one position for a long time, which results in back pain.

Take a warm bath in Epsom salt. 

Epsom salt contains high levels of the mineral magnesium, which helps muscles of the body relax. The warmth of the bath also loosens tightness, relieves stress. Stress is a large contributor to back pain, as many individuals tend to tighten various muscles in their shoulders and back in response to life’s stressors.

Sleep well.

Getting enough sleep is integral in helping your body regulate its inflammatory response, but getting a mattress and pillows that support the back can help alleviate any pain you may face. While you may have to experiment with what works for you, exploring different sleep options is worth it.

Physical therapy.

Gentle back exercises can include:

  • Pelvic lifts
  • Knee to chest lifts
  • Bodyweight hip thrusts
  • Shrugs
  • Cat stretches

Other forms of physical therapy can be electrical nerve stimulation, massage, and laser therapy.

Take over the counter meds. 

Some back pain is minor and responds well to drugstore painkillers. More severe aches may need additional treatment.

If you have back pain and do not know how to manage it, give Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA a try at (253) 941-6977.

By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
April 13, 2020
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How your chiropractor in Federal Way, WA, can help you get relief from fibromyalgia symptoms

If your body hurts all the time, don’t ignore it. After all, it could be a sign of a common, chronic condition known as fibromyalgia. Dr. Andrew Winger at Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA, offers a wide range of chiropractic and therapeutic services including ways to help you get relief from fibromyalgia symptoms.

So, what exactly is fibromyalgia? According to the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, fibromyalgia is a common condition affecting about 4 million adults in this country. The condition can cause pain all over your body, as people who suffer from fibromyalgia are more likely to be extra-sensitive due to abnormal pain processing.

In addition to widespread pain and stiffness, fibromyalgia sufferers often experience:

  • Problems sleeping
  • Chronic, debilitating fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Frequent headaches, including migraines
  • Temporomandibular joint issues including jaw and facial pain
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands and feet

You may be at greater risk of fibromyalgia if you are a woman, carry excess weight, have experienced a stressful/traumatic event, or have a family history of fibromyalgia. Chronic medical conditions including lupus or rheumatoid arthritis can also put you at greater risk of fibromyalgia.

There are several ways to decrease fibromyalgia symptoms. It’s important to stay active by practicing aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises regularly. Managing stress through relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation is also very helpful. Chiropractic techniques including therapeutic massage and heat can also relax painful muscle spasms associated with fibromyalgia.

You don’t have to suffer from fibromyalgia pain when help is just a phone call away. To learn more about chiropractic and therapeutic services, call Dr. Andrew Winger of Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA, at (253) 941-6977.

By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
December 18, 2019
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Millions of people of all ages are affected by sports injuries. Fortunately, if you're currently dealing with an injury to your upper or lower back, ankle, knee, or shoulder, your chiropractor in Federal Way, WA, can help. Here at Redondo Family Chiropractic, Dr. Andrew Winger helps scores of sports participants increase function, relieve pain, and enjoy a better range of motion—read on to learn how he can help you too.

Sports and what they do

Injuries from athletic activities can harm the neck, upper and lower back, as well as the upper and lower extremities. After all, heavy impact and repetitive motion cause muscular spasms, pain, swelling, fracture, disc herniation, headaches, torn ligaments/tendons, and more. Often, symptoms hide for a period of time and then express themselves suddenly and in unexpected ways.

How your chiropractor can help

Practicing at our Federal Way office is Dr. Winger, a chiropractor certified in Chiropractic Biophysics, an advanced system of spine care that focuses on uncovering the source of dysfunction. He formulates complete and individualized care plans that can include:

  • Hands-on spinal adjustments (for misalignments called subluxations)
  • Massage therapy for stiff and aching muscles
  • Traction for spinal re-alignment
  • Programs of physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises
  • Ice and heat therapy
  • Spinal decompression to relieve pressure on herniated discs
  • Electrical stimulation (for pain relief)
  • Counseling in proper nutrition

Additionally, Dr. Winger focuses on ways the sports enthusiast can avoid injury in the future. Statistics Canada says that most injuries North American adults suffer come from work and sports. Preventive measures are key to injury avoidance and quicker recovery if/when problems do occur.

Don't just live with your pain

At Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, Dr. Andrew Winger can help you be stronger, feel better, and perform well in sports and day-to-day living. Contact us today for a chiropractic consultation: (253) 941-6977.

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