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By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
December 30, 2020
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You've heard the comparison before, a car colliding at 30 miles per hour is as if it were dropped from a three-story building. Even if you're wearing a seatbelt in an automobile with all its safety measures, just imagine the impact that this kind of crash has on a human body, its skeletal connections, and its soft tissue.

If you've been in an accident you don't have strain your imagination, you probably feel it, even after leaving the hospital, if your injury was severe enough. Consider contacting your Federal Way, WA, chiropractor Dr. Andrew Winger of Redondo Family Chiropractic to learn more about the ways to treat your auto injury.

Common Complications
The fast and forceful movement of your head during an accident as the vehicle's movement suddenly stops is a very common reason for neck injuries. Whiplash is the typical name for this type of injury and occurs most often from rear-end collisions.

Back problems are also likely to arise, sometimes long after an accident. This happens for the same reason as a neck injury, the speed of the back and forth movements can greatly impact the disks in your spine. You may experience severe bruising immediately after an accident but after these vanish it doesn't mean the underlying muscles will have completely healed as well. Just as with back pain, muscle aches, and stiffness can recur a while after the collision.

Auto Injury Treatment in Federal Way, WA
The good news is that your chiropractor can help you manage your pain as well as help treat problems with your spine and soft tissue. This is done through spinal manipulation, massage, and physical therapy. But your individual treatment will depend on your specific ailments, your health history, and current condition. Don't endure the pain any longer or dull it with painkillers, make your appointment today with Dr. Winger of Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA, by dialing (253) 941-6977.

By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
December 09, 2020
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Neck pain is extremely common, and in most cases, the cause is routine muscle sprain and strain. The reason for this is that your neck needs to support your heavy head and keep it upright and stable. If you’re experiencing neck pain, you can always consult with Dr. Andrew Winger, our chiropractor here at Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA, for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

First Aid to Ease Your Neck Pain

In most instances, the cause of neck pain is sprains and strains. For example, if upon waking up, you always feel a crick in the neck, spasms, which are muscle contractions due to neck strain is probably the cause. By contrast, a sprain occurs in the neck ligaments. Alternatively, your tendon can become inflamed and lead to tendinitis.

For these, essential self-care can alleviate your pain and prevent flare-ups. These include:

  • Use cold for numbing the pain and easing inflammation.
  • Apply heat with the use of a hot bath or heating pad to the affected area.
  • Take OTC painkillers to alleviate pain.
  • Consider using a neck collar under the guidance of your doctor to immobilize and rest your neck tissues and muscles.

Therapies for Neck Pain

The right exercises for strengthening and stretching the neck, upper back, and shoulder muscles could speed up recovery and help minimize flare-ups. Your chiropractor in Federal Way, WA, will probably combine a range of motion or ROM exercises and isometric exercises.

ROM exercises are ideal for lengthening and progressively relaxing your neck muscles. Isometric exercises involve tightening your neck muscles against your hand or some kind of opposing force you can force your muscles against. Your chiropractor could likewise perform traction with the use of special equipment or hands to stretch your affected neck muscles gently.

Aside from professional chiropractic therapies, you should likewise take stock of your daily habits or posture that trigger your pain, such as sleeping with too many pillows under your head and sitting for a long time in certain positions that usually strain your neck.

When to Visit Your Doctor

If home therapies fail and you’re feeling severe neck pain that persists for weeks, feels worse upon waking up, radiates to your shoulder, or significantly limits your head movement, it’s time to see your doctor. Arm numbness of weakness and/or fever are likewise red flags that require thorough assessment.

In some instances, an underlying issue like a compressed nerve, infection, or arthritis could be causing neck pain. Depending on the results of your evaluation, you might need extra treatments to ease your pain and get you moving again.

Are You Having Problems With Your Neck? We Can Help

Arrange a consultation with your chiropractor here at Redondo Family Chiropractic in Federal Way, WA, Dr. Andrew Winger, by dialing (253) 941-6977.

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