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By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
August 28, 2019
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According to the National Migraine Foundation, over 10% of men, women, and children in the United States suffer from recurrent migrainesmigraines, a chronic condition that can cause debilitating symptoms and greatly disrupt a person's quality of life. Fortunately, Dr. Andrew Winger, your chiropractor in Federal Way, WA, offers ongoing pain management and symptom relief for chronic headaches/migraines here at Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc. Read on to learn how he can help mitigate your condition.

What Exactly is a Migraine?

Migraines are more than just a bad headache. Though they can range widely in duration and intensity, these headaches are always accompanied with other physical and neurological symptoms that can make it difficult to carry on with normal routines—even getting out of bed in extreme cases! While they can affect anyone, many sufferers begin to experience them in childhood and on through adolescence and adulthood.

Signs and Symptoms of a Migraine

Generally, there are four stages to a migraine:

  • An early "warning" stage known as prodrome
  • Aura (temporary neurological symptoms like vision problems or numbness/tingling in the extremities or face)
  • Migraine
  • Post-drome—some people may feel drained, "foggy", or lethargic after the migraine passes

Common migraine symptoms include:

  • Changes in mood
  • Food cravings
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Constipation
  • Heightened thirst
  • Sensitivity to light, certain smells, and even sounds
  • Sharp pain in one or both sides of the head
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pulsing or throbbing pain

A typical migraine episode can last anywhere from 24-to-72 hours.

How Chiropractic Treatment From our Federal Way Office Can Help

Studies have found that chiropractic therapies like spinal manipulation may offer relief along with medication for chronic migraine sufferers. This can be especially helpful for those whose headaches originate in the neck.

Need Relief? Give us a Call

For more information about the underlying causes, symptoms, and treatment options for migraines, contact Dr. Winger's Federal Way office today by dialing (253) 941-6977 to set up an appointment with your local chiropractor.

By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
January 17, 2019
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Chiropractic medicine is focused on how the musculoskeletal and nervous system can affect your overall health and cause painful headachessymptoms. For example, a lot of patients have unexplained headaches that may be linked to chiropractic problems. Learn how a chiropractor at Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc. in Federal Way, WA, can help with adjustments and other treatments to relieve headache pain.

Headache Pain
Headaches can become a major setback for patients as they try to work and complete important tasks during the day. The sensation of a headache can range from a mild tenderness in the temples to a sharp, debilitating migraine that radiates throughout the head and neck. There are a number of possible causes, including inflammation of the nerves or blood vessels, neurological disorders, sinus infections, and stress.

Chiropractic Solutions
A chiropractor at our Federal Way, WA, office can offer you a number of chiropractic solutions to improve your chances of reduced headache pain. Here are a few of the treatments you should explore with your doctor:

- Chiropractic adjustments (also called spinal manipulation)
- Massage therapy
- Relaxation training and electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback
- Ice or heat therapy applied to the area of headache pain
- Acupuncture treatments
- Referral for cognitive behavioral therapy

What to Discuss with Your Chiropractor
Your chiropractor will likely have a list of questions that need to be answered about your headache symptoms. For instance, when did the headaches start, and how often do you experience them? Have you recently had a procedure or diagnosis that could be related to the pain? It’s important that you discuss all of the medications that you’re taking and any treatments that you had in the past as well as provide a full medical history.

Make an Appointment
If you’ve tried many different ways of relieving headache pain but nothing has given you an enduring solution, consider seeking help from a chiropractor at our Federal Way, WA, office. Call 253-941-6977 today to schedule a date and time for your initial visit with Dr. Andrew Winger.

By Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc.
July 29, 2015
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Find out if bad posture could be to blame for your frequent headaches?

Are you experiencing headaches frequently? Are they getting in the way of your daily life and making work and other activities harder?Headache While headaches may show up every once in a while and cause issues, if you are experiencing headaches often then something as simple as poor posture could be to blame. Find out how this is possible and when it might be time to see your Federal Way chiropractors Dr. Andrew Winger or Dr. Frank Rossi for treatment.

The Root of Your Headaches

What could be causing your headaches? While there is a ton of things that could be triggering your throbbing head one of them could be muscle tension. Do you experience muscle tightness around your head and neck? This tension is caused by bad posture. When someone becomes stressed they may tense their shoulders up to their ears. They may even stay in this position for the rest of the day if the stressor doesn’t go away. This means your shoulder muscles have been working improperly all day, which is where your headache might originate.

Common Posture Problems

If you work at a desk most of the day here are some situations to be aware of (you may not even know that you are hunching or tensing your shoulders):

  • When you are talking on the phone, whether a landline or cell phone. The longer you remain on the phone the more likely you will experience shoulder tension. Never hold the phone with their shoulders.
  • Sitting at a desk that is too high, which can cause you to raise your arms and shoulder higher than they should be.
  • Sitting in chairs that don’t offer enough support so you find yourself hunched forward at your desk. Also working at a computer that is set too low will cause shoulder issues.

So what can you do to break these bad habits and stop your headaches? First, you can situate your desk so that it’s conducive to good posture. This means choosing an ergonomic chair that offers good back support, sitting at a desk that is the proper height and setting up your computer monitor so that it’s level with your eyes. Talk to your Federal Way chiropractor about ways in which you can situate your office so you can reduce your muscle tension and headaches.

Furthermore, it’s important to remain active even when you are at the office. This means getting up, moving around and stretching every 15 to 30 minutes. Set an alarm if you need to. By moving around, you are allowing blood to flow through these muscles, which helps them function properly and causes less tension.

Not finding relief from your headaches? Then find out if this could be linked to days spent hunched over at your desk or other posture issues. Call your Federal Way chiropractors Drs. Winger and Rossi today at Redondo Family Chiropractic Inc. and get back to a headache-free life.

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