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March, 2020 (Vol. 14, Issue 06)
Finding the Missing Pieces to the Chronic Pain Puzzle

Pain is a big problem, and the way too many of us deal with it is an even bigger problem, leading to chronic pain. Here are a few important pieces to the puzzle, featuring chiropractic.

Health Matters

Infections: Could Your Hospital Be Doing More to Treat Them?

Back Health

Self-Care for Back Pain: Exercises to Help the Healing Process

Start Them Off Right

How to Help Your Kids Adopt Healthy Habits for Life

Great Health Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Here's How Healthier Eating Starts Now

Treat Colic Naturally

Various treatments have been proposed for colic, from warm baths to playing soothing music or white noise, to medication. What isn't often mentioned are two natural options with research to back them up.

Anti-Aging 101: Fewer Calories

As we get older, or even ponder getting older, one question remains top of mind: How can I age gracefully? It's the eternal search for the Fountain of Youth. New research points to an intriguing possibility: calorie restriction.

Staying Skinny: Why It's So Much Harder Today

It used to be much easier to maintain a healthy weight back in the '80s. That's because a lot has happened in the past 40 years. Let's take a look at a study that explores this disturbing trend.

Vitamin D for the Pancreas

Even people with a perfectly healthy pancreas generally don't know much about it – what it does or how to help keep it functioning properly.

Artificial Sugar & Carbs

Find out why artificially sweetened drinks may be dangerous for your health when consumed with high-carbohydrate foods.

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